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Our History


Our History 
Alpine Elementary School was erected in 1966. Dr. Harold H. Eibling (1905-1976) was the Superintendent of Schools at the time. The architect credited with the design of the building was David E. Jones (1922-2010). The contractor honored at a 1968 dedication ceremony was Lawrence Hagler (1914-1991).

The school was originally built with twelve classrooms, two kindergarten rooms, one multipurpose room, a kitchen, teachers lounge, health/nurse's office, library, projects room and office. Construction began on Alpine in 1966, and the first classes moved in Jan. 30, 1967. Dolly Jones was the first principal splitting her time between Alpine and her permanent position as principal at Parkmoor ES. For the new 1967-68 school year, Mrs. Ruth (Snyder) Rankin was hired as principal where she stayed until 1973. The building was offically dedicated on March 27, 1968.
During the 1968-69 school year, the population of Alpine grew beyond capacity and the 6th grade students were bussed to the new Walden School (now Marburn Academy) on Walden Avenue just north of Tamarack Circle. This still did not alleviate the overcrowding. In 1969, a portable trailer classroom was added and used to house one kindergarten class. During the 1970-71 school year, again due to overcrowding, 3rd and 4th graders were bused to Homedale School (now Worthington Christian ES) on Westview Ave. south of Worthington!
As the population continued to grow in the Sharon Woods development area, construction began in early 1973 on the new wing of Alpine; adding eight additional classroom, a library, and two bathrooms. Early in November 1973, a labor dispute caused the construction of Alpine to grind to a halt. The Board of Education had subcontracted work out to non-union plumbers and pipefitters causing the conflict. With the new building only a fraction of the way done, Principal Norman Landry and the community expressed real fears that it would not be completed on schedule. By April 1974, the conflict was resolved and construction had resumed. The "new" building was open (barely) for school in September 1974, when the school year began.
Throughout the early 2000s, the population climbed to over capacity.  In March of 2016, the Alpine staff, parents, and students were told that at the end of the 2015-16 school year, 4th and 5th grade classrooms will be moved to Northgate School to alleviate overcrowding. Since Avalon ES is also experiencing overcrowding, their 4th and 5th graders will join Alpine's at Northgate. Located on Sharon Woods Blvd, just down the road, the school will most likely be named Northgate Intermediate. No one knows if this move is permanent, but if you have read the above history, they will probably be coming back to us in a few years!  
Alpine has continued to grow and change throughout its 50 year history.  A few permanent modular classrooms have been added, and then some more! Alpine has had different kinds of Special Education classrooms over the years. For the last 20+ years, the oral/aural Hearing Impaired classes of CCS have found their home at Alpine.
For more about the history of our school, please check out our Photo Album pages. 

Grade Levels at Alpine
1966 - 1979             K - 6th

1979 - 1980             K - 4th

1980 - 1987             K - 3rd

1987 - 2016         K - 5th

2016 - Present         K - 3rd

Alpine's Principals

1966-1967 : Dolly Jones (1920-2009)

1967-1973 : Ruth (Snyder) Rankin (1917-2004)
1973-1977 : Norman Landry
1977-1987 : Meredith Johnson-Snyder
1987-1999 : Lois (Echols) Arend (1948-2010)
1999-2006 : Jennifer Reinheimer
2006-2012 : Cheryl (Ward) Lumpkin
2012-2015 : Dr. Deborah (Broadway) Copeland
2015-2017 : Tawanna Williams
Current      : Rhonda Peeples 


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Principal - Rhonda Peeples
(614) 365-5359  |   1590 Alpine Drive Columbus, OH 43229
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