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Art Around Alpine
Since the mid-1980s, Alpine has prided itself on the artwork that have been created of the children, by the children, and for the children.  Our school is literally covered in art from the front doorway, to the office, down the halls, and even around the bathrooms!  When you walk through the halls of Alpine, you can experience the decades dedicated art teachers.   "The Artwork" is what everyone notices and remembers when they visit Alpine; it makes our school a wonderful place in which to work and learn in.  
The Photo Albums below illustrate much of that work.  Please come to visit and view it in person! 
Photo Albums 
Entryway Art - Jane Albrect
As you enter the front doors of the building, you will notice children's artwork of famous Ohioans inside the glass!  That's right, inside the glass that surrounds the doors. Artist-in-Residence, Jane Albrect, worked with the Art teacher Carol Cruickshank and students during the 1998-99 school year to create this welcoming piece of artwork.
Levent Isik
Through the "Artists in the Schools" program, Levent Isik, a folk artist was in residence at Alpine. He worked with each student to create a small work of art that would be later added to a much bigger piece  From 2000-2007, Mr. Isik came back to Alpine to work with us six different times. 
Christopher and Jeanette Canyon
On May 15, 2009 Alpine had the pleasure to welcome Christopher and Jeanette Canyon.  They are local artists who are nationally know for combining their art with picture books for children (and adults, too)!  Jeanette illustrates her books in polymer clay, while Christopher combines his illustrating with his guitar playing to create a entertaining experience for the children.  The students later created their own polymer clay sculptures to create a truly hands-on experience. Check out Christopher and Jeanette on their website!
U.S. Flag
This giant United State flag hangs in the gymnasium and was created by the students of Alpine using items found around their homes and classrooms.
Michael Tizzano
Michael is a central Ohio sculptor who was commissioned to create a statue in memory of Carolyn Rose Trinter, both a former student at Alpine and a child of one of our Instructional Assistants. Carolyn passed away on Sept. 1, 2002. Mr. Tizzano came to Alpine and gave demonstrations of the sculpting and bronzing process.  He used Alpine students to demonstrate the first step of the process, making a clay model: "Duck, Duck, Goose".  Students were chosen for each of the figures of the model.  A clay model of Carolyn was made, and then cast in bronze. The "Carolyn Trinter Memorial" sculpture stands in the library, now named after her, as a daily reminder of determination, faith and courage, and of the of the preciousness of life.  Check out more of Mr. Tizzano's work here.
Clay Self-Portraits
Art teacher, Corinna Wilson, worked with the students in the 1989-90 school year to create self-portraits in clay that hang up around the school.  Larger pieces of clay figures adorn the hallways throughout the building.  Also, some students created larger works of art and figures of the school staff that hang around the halls or in the office.
Wall Murals
There are many large-sized murals painted on, attached to, or hanging in front of our walls at Alpine. If the year the works was created or whom the Art teacher responsible was, it is noted with the picture.  
The Bench and Pillars
The Bench and Pillars greet you as you enter our school; they are right outside the office. Each pillar was created by students decorating an individual block and glueing it into the larger art piece. The bench was on display for a period of time at the Franklin Park Conservatory.
Michael Rodriquez 
Mexican-American artist Michael Rodriquez worked with all of the Alpine students to create an outdoor sculpture "La Chalupa" which means "boat" in Spanish.  The idea for the sculpture comes from a Mexican Bingo-like game that uses pictures instead of letters.  One of the pictures in the game is "La Chalupa", a woman bringing food and flowers into Mexico City by boat when there were still lakes surrounding the city.  Sadly, the sculpture was vandalized and had to be removed some time later.
Principal - Rhonda Peeples
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